How to spend your holiday?


I’m a huge fan of villa holidays. The chance to stay in some pretty spectacular places from little chateaus to ancient farmhouses to rustic cottages or modern villas, shop with the locals and chill out whilst following your own schedule instead of having to stick the meal times in hotels and restaurants, are to me the best way to holiday.

Over the years we have done many villa holidays, sometimes with family, sometimes with just my other half and sometimes with a large group of friends and every time it’s been brilliant.

10 Reasons why villa holidays are great

  1. Freedom
  2. Privacy
  3. You get to live like the locals
  4. Flexibility
  5. Chance to stay in amazing properties for peanuts
  6. If traveling with small children adults can continue their evening whilst kids sleep
  7. Chance to spend some uninterrupted quality time with friends and/or family
  8. You can shop local produce from markets and do some experimental cooking
  9. No fighting over sun loungers with pesky Germans 😉
  10. You don’t have to pay restaurant prices for local wine

Find your own dream holiday villa from Owners direct or Tripadvisor

– Pia-

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