How To Bring Summer Into Your Home?

When I was young, my Mother always changed the curtains in the beginning of summer. We had specified curtains for summer and winter. My grandmother took this one step further, she even had special curtains for Christmas and Easter.

Although the line of curtain changing women in our family ends with me, I do like to adjust my home decor according to changing seasons. When the sun shines in all day long and days get warmer and warmer, I store away everything that feels too stuffy or looks too heavy. So, bye-bye velvet cushions and thick woolen blankets, see you in the autumn again!

Here is five small tips top bring summer into your home.

flower copy

1. Flowers. Not the big and perfectly bound bouquets, but small and delicate blossoms. If you make bouquets or flower arrangements, make them look light and natural. Stick to one or two colours and the keep the palette light.


2. Straw hat on the wall gives an instant feeling of that long hot summer Sunday. The hat is indeed necessary if you plan to stay all day in the sun. It’s easy to take with you when ever you need it. Put it back on the wall and next time it rains, it will remind you of the warm and sunny days yet to come.

 Straw hat: Accessorize


3. Shells always remind me of the sea. Catch the feeling of seaside and sandy beach in a jar like I did, or come up with new decoration ideas. Rim flower pots with shells or put them in the bottom of a flower vase or use them in the table setting.


4. Stripes. In my mind, stripes = summer. It has to do with the association of beach and seaside again. Stripes make me think about the classic decor of beach houses and those old-fashioned striped sun loungers. Maybe it’s not stripes for you, but rich and colourful floral patterns that remind you of  a blooming country garden. Whatever it is, go for it. Keep the materials light and natural. Cotton and linen are perfect choices.

Striped cushion covers: H&M Home


5. Straw bags are perfect for storage. I use them like wicker baskets to store cushions, linen, clothes or even shoes. And of course, straw bag is the perfect market bag.

straw bag: Labour and Wait

– Miia

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