Summer in the City

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If you cannot be by the seaside. which obviously is the ideal place to spend hot summer days,  make the most of your summer in the city.

Take London for example, apart from the daily commute becoming a nightmare, the city actually comes to life in the summer months. People are happier, days are longer, the great parks can be fully enjoyed, lunch breaks can be spent picnicking on the nearest green and post work drinks never taste better!

  • Avoid tubes and buses and commute by foot, bike or a riverboat instead.
  • Find water! Hyde Park Lido, Brockwell Park Lido, Hampstead Pond, Tooting Bec lido, anything goes. If all else fails go and paddle in the fountain at the V&A museum to cool down
  • If you can’t stand the heat go to the movies, cinemas are always very well air-conditioned
  • Make most of long evenings, pack your dinner and have a weeknight picnic after work
  • Walk a lot, it’s cooler than in public transport and the city looks so beautiful in the sun
  • Eat al fresco to make most of the warm evenings, whether in a restaurant or at home
  • Enjoy all the fresh produce at farmers markets and make great summer salads
  • Pare back your makeup, summer is not the time to wear foundation and creamy lipstick (a post about summer make-up coming soon!)
  • Wear cool colours and lose-fitting clothes

Enjoy the heatwave, it won’t last long!


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