And then there was Autumn!

Autumn that romantic, atmospheric and inspirational time of the year.

Sweet melancholy in the air, the stunning colour palette of the turning leaves, dark evenings and cooler weather just encourage to nest, enjoy candlelight, red wine, woolly socks, hot chocolate and gorgeous stews.


Pick some colourful leaves and branches and bring them indoors to celebrate the changing season.


The dry sunny autumn days are perfect for long walks and then relaxing in the candlelight with a delicious hot chocolate. autumn3

 The best hot chocolate

Milk (semi skimmed)

Good quality dark chocolate

Pinch of chili

Sugar to taste

Chop the chocolate into small pieces, heat the milk in a saucepan and as it starts to heat up add the chocolate and keep mixing until all the chocolate has melted, add a little chili I prefer fresh but powder works too, add sugar if you like it sweeter and enjoy!


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