About SimplyCity

SimplyChic, SimplyElegant, SimplyCity

The idea behind SimplyCity was conceived on a Sunday walk in Battersea Park sometime in February.

Countless of cups of coffee, quite a lot of cake, some wine and a giggly photoshoot later, we finally felt ready to press the post button and SimplyCity was born.

We believe everybody deserves a lovely home, whether it is a palatial mansion or a just a room in a flatshare, so we want to share simple ideas that can make a huge difference into your surroundings, without the need to knock down walls or spend zillions on new furnishing.

We believe in style not in fashion, that baking cakes is good for the soul and red lipstick works better than botox to lift up your looks and your confidence.  We think simple things are often the best and we believe life is made better by adding beauty and pleasure into every day.

Our aim is to make SimplyCity that inspiring, light-hearted, feel-good place where you want to go for your coffee break.

We hope you enjoy hanging out with us!

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